Spooky Swamp

Walking through a dark swamp in southern Utah is scary enough without ghouls and chainsaw madmen jumping at you. Fortunately, our fright helped support the local high school’s drama club in their annual Halloween fundraiser. The real fright would have been doing that six hour hike (with a few thousand vertical feet of climbing) at the Grand Canyon like that one Australian in the hostel recommended.

It was an easy 500 mile drive from southern California up Interstate 15 to charming Kanab, Utah. Primm, Nevada, with its glitzy casinos appearing out of nowhere, toes the California state line like an overcompetitive runner at a charity 5K while the green lawns of Mesquite, Nevada are positively oasis-like. The canyons through which the freeway passes in Arizona makes it the prettiest road I’ve ever encountered while a stop in Zion National Park was a great place to see the sunset. Since we weren’t too rushed, we were able to stay an extra day in Kanab to visit the ultra-quiet North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We recommend viewing it from the trail to Cape Final.


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