Lots of Limes

A current TV commercial notes that a [disappointing Mexican beer] “gets its lime” whenever someone says ‘wow’ at their surroundings. Seeing how big the USS Midway was up close and the views from Point Loma of both the ocean and the city of San Diego certainly added flavor, in a metaphorical sense, to that [disappointing Mexican beer]. Our businessperson/recently published author cousin, Rachel, kindly played the role of tour guide by showing us such gems like Balboa Park (full of Halloween-costumed children and couples taking homecoming and engagement photos) and Ocean Park, a hip beachfront neighborhood. Getting the gang back together, a difficult proposition now with all our (well, at their moment, their) adult responsibilities, was the best part though.

It didn’t seem like a good idea to fly to a cheaper airport in southern California when the shuttle I booked was an hour late but it was comfortable in the front seat of the courtesy car they sent as an apology (those perfect strangers crammed into each other in the back seat of that Honda Accord with looked slightly miserable though). My purpose, besides avoiding an inevitable job search, is to help my cousin, John, pack and then move cross country. Since he is a prudent guy who doesn’t carry much, my selfless duties before leaving have included hanging out with John and my other cousin, William, and eating pizza. I’m always happy to volunteer!


2 thoughts on “Lots of Limes

  1. Patrick, great to see you enjoying the Other Coast with your merry band of prankster cousins. I’m looking forward to reading your tales of the trip Back East with John. Remember, just because it’s dangerous doesn’t mean it won’t be a good time! Love, Alice


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