Syrupy Crunch

The reactions to “Chicken and Waffles” potato chips are predictable. First, skepticism is expressed (‘Is this really a thing?’ as the bag is noticed). Eyes pop the instant they touch the tongue (‘I can taste the syrup!’) followed immediately by a look of dismay (I’m not sure if I like them or not’) and then, invariably, a grab for a few more. Thus, while John and I only spent a short amount of time hanging out with my old UMBC Swimming and Diving teammate, Mitchell, and his graduate student friends in Logan, Utah, our snack food offering should never be forgotten.

Traveling from Kanab, in southern Utah, to Logan, way up north, is a reasonable one day drive with a few perks (such as an 80 MPH speed limit on Interstate 15). We really enjoyed stopping in Bryce Canyon National Park and hiking the steep but short Navajo Loop past some of the hoodoos (bowling pin-like red rick columns) and a few hardy lonesome pine trees inside the narrow canyons. While the main highlight of the day was catching up with my old teammate (his research on river morphology, or how development changes rivers, is fascinating), eating a hot meal at Morty’s, a local burger joint, and watching Game 7 of the World Series with a fun crowd were great ways to end a long day of traveling.


One thought on “Syrupy Crunch

  1. Patrick, very fondly now (I was terrified at the time) I recall three-year-old you and slightly-younger cousin William taking off on a solo and unauthorized spree to Granddad’s creek. Seems you’ve always had a spirit for wanderlust and adventure. Twenty-three years later I’m glad you and younger cousin John still display that spirit. Keep the posts coming! Love, Alice


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