Round-the-World Packing List (7 kg)

I found an authoritative-sounding book on round-the-world traveling in my local library before I left on my trip. While it was definitely aimed at a more adventurous crowd (a pejorative "Real Traveler" applies here), it had some good advice (I was thankful for that warm thermal shirt on a few occasions). In addition to some … Continue reading Round-the-World Packing List (7 kg)


Acorn Thieves

St Fagans National Museum of History is an open-air museum in Cardiff that displays structures from all over Wales. You can marvel at the beautifully painted walls of St Teilo's Church (honoring the patron saint of apple trees), tour Welsh houses from various eras (having a bathtub in the kitchen is not uncommon), or try … Continue reading Acorn Thieves

Flowery Descriptions of Stunning Scenery

I'm going to pull the same trick my local newspaper does and only tangentially match the headline. By no means is the western portion of Ireland ugly. Instead, I'm just recognizing that someone, perhaps several people even, have come up with overwrought paeans or overplayed pop songs dedicated to Killarney, Dingle, and Galway.  The nice … Continue reading Flowery Descriptions of Stunning Scenery