Monster Sightings / Trip Takeaways

A snotty American in our Denver hostel took it upon herself one morning to give advice to some road-tripping Europeans. In addition to trashing IHOP (apparently she was a Waffle House partisan), she rallied against the South in general (but without any of the valid criticisms that could be thrown at it). As John and … Continue reading Monster Sightings / Trip Takeaways


Heavy Lifters

The strain in our muscles grew as a crowd assembled. Each pull of the steel chain, thanks to the power of pulleys, inched the heavy anchor chain out of the shallow pool below us. We beamed triumphantly after raising the weight as high as the pulley would allow. A loud crash we heard later, indicating … Continue reading Heavy Lifters

Superlatives and Self-Promotion

The insatiable demand for more information about my trip (this statement is mostly artistic license) compels me to write more. The fact that linking to old posts increases their Google scores is purely incidental... Best feeling in the world: Putting on clean, dry clothes (especially after being soaked and chilled) Most relaxing experience: Jjimjilbang (Korean … Continue reading Superlatives and Self-Promotion