Monster Sightings / Trip Takeaways

A snotty American in our Denver hostel took it upon herself one morning to give advice to some road-tripping Europeans. In addition to trashing IHOP (apparently she was a Waffle House partisan), she rallied against the South in general (but without any of the valid criticisms that could be thrown at it). As John and I passed through the valleys of Kentucky and West Virginia, with their glorious golds, reds, and browns of autumn at full peak, and enjoyed the Monster Museum / Braxton County Visitors Bureau in Sutton*, West Virginia, we noticed a pleasant dearth of those pretentious people you find in more flashy locales.

Aside from learning about the Flatwoods Monster (the mascot is much tamer than the creature itself), and eating lunch, we powered through the last day of our trip. The highlight was finally finishing our drive and recounting our adventures over lasagna my mother made and the ultra-soft sugar cookies Aunt Alice whipped up once we finally made it to her house.

Starting Time/Mileage: Monday, October 30th at 8:09 AM PDT, 41441 mi

Ending Time/Mileage: Monday, November 6th at 8:34 PM EST, 44862 mi


  • If we hadn’t detoured to northern Utah or stayed extra days in Kanab and Denver, it would have taken four days of driving about eight or nine hours a day (split between two people). Three days would be a comfortable pace for driving cross-country if speed is absolutely necessary.
  • Having a halfway point to stop at (Sternberg Museum in Kansas, Barbecue in Missouri, Monster Museum in West Virginia) makes the trip seem a lot shorter.
  • Carrying a jug of water is an absolute must when visiting parks out of season since their water taps may be turned off.

That’s pretty much it for my adventures for now. Thanks for reading my blog.

*The location on their website is out-of-date. The museum/visitors center is in the town of Sutton itself at 206 Main Street).


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