The Reasons We Return Home

The dream-like normalcy of raking leaves in my retired running shoes and paint-splattered jeans was almost shocking – I’d be standing in the same shoes (literally) had I never traveled at all. This lawn work, in addition to entertaining the family cat, has allowed me to think such deep thoughts over the past two weeks without my parents even mentioning that J-O-B I should start searching for.

There was a lot to look forward to after touching down on American soil. It meant a lot to find my parents waiting for me at the airport. Visiting my sister and her fiancee at their new house (the one that I didn’t have to help them move into…) and seeing their dogs (with their pig-like personalities) was fun. The weddings I came back for were both beautiful – the couples were happy and surrounded by lots of friends. It was great to show off my souvenirs to my Aunt Alice, eat Korean food (that I recognized from my trip!) with my friends Kevin and Sandy, and watch my old college swim team compete in a home meet alongside a dozen other alumni. As of now (since my blog is finally up-to-date), I am at the end of my plans – I don’t know what my next adventure will be.

Well, my cousin might need help moving cross-country next month…


One thought on “The Reasons We Return Home

  1. I am so glad you are home, Patrick, and I enjoyed viewing your souvenirs. I hope you continue your blog with tales of your next adventures! Love, Alice


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