Socialists Sell Cheap Mojitos

The Socialist Students tent at the feria de Málaga was packed. However, while there were banners of Ché Guevara and signs advocating for revolution, my impression was that the masses were there not for ideological companionship but rather because they were selling one liter mojitos for six euros.

The feria is unavoidable while it happens. During the day, the city center is packed with revelers sharing the ubiquitous pink with white polka-dot bottles of Cartojal, a local wine. After sunset, the festivities move to the fairgrounds. In one half is a carnival, just like any carnival in the US, with bright lights, delicious junk food, and rides (though I’ve never seen a full log flume ride, water and all, at my county fair). The other half consists of a wide path lined on both sides with semi-permanent nooks containing restaurants and clubs that buzz with excitement until after the sun comes up.

My friend, Dani, invited me to visit at a perfect time because, in addition to the excitement of the feria, his friends Manuel and Marina were in town. Thus, when he had work during the day, I had friends in Manuel and Marina to puzzle at the Pompidou Centre Málaga with in addition to enjoying the city aspect of the festivities. At night, once he was off his shift, I was relieved to have friends to enjoy the fairground aspects of the party. We even were able to enjoy the beach at Torremolinos and the wildlife of a nearby estuary with him and his friend, Ana, on his day off. I was so happy to be able to make friends with such nice people.

Even if you aren’t in town for the feria, or don’t have friends in Málaga, I think there’s plenty to keep a person busy. I really enjoyed climbing the hill to see the Gibralfaro Castle, especially since the sun dove under some clouds that day and made the heat bearable. You can weave through the narrow streets and find all sorts of nice shops and cafes. Málaga has several art museums as well. I spent a whole thirty minutes watching The Way Things Go, a mesmerizing film by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, in a theater inside the (free) Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. To sum it up, I had a great time in Málaga and a lot of people to thank for that.


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