Practical Considerations

One day, I spent some time plugging every city in the Baltics into all of the flight search engines. Thus, my visit to Lithuania, a flat country with huge skies, was not entirely because of its history, its great cycling paths, or its successful basketball teams but rather because a cheap flight to Barcelona left from Kaunas. 

Aside from pragmatic reasons, Kaunas is a friendly place with plenty to see (I just copy-paste that phrase into every post now). The stewardess on the bus gave me good recommendations so I admired old machinery (the steam-powered pill maker is still in working order) at the Pharmacy Museum and explored the dungeon of Kaunas Castle. The old Presidential Palace provided background in Lithuanian history (several ex-presidents from the pre-Soviet era died in exile in the US) while the Church of the Resurrection (accessible by a funicular railway) offers great views of the city. Lastly, the Devils Museum, a place which could easily have been a tourist trap, provided a fascinating survey of devilish spirits and objects from both Lithuania and abroad.


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