One Word Vocabulary

If there’s a constant to Hong Kong, it’s that you will get dripped on. As a hot place in love with air conditioning, the units hang on the front of buildings, haphazardly at times, and sprinkle all over inattentive pedestrians (or those avoiding the ubiquitous copy watches or tailor touts). Well, at least the liquid is clean(ish).
Jokes aside, Hong Kong was a beautiful and friendly place to visit. For having just a one word Cantonese vocabulary (‘Mmm-GOY,’ or ‘Thank you’), I was able to move around and find my friend Pak, a teammate of mine from UMBC. One night, we enjoyed the unique cheesy noodles at a small shop beloved by Hong Kong’s creative scene – the pictures of all the musicians and actors on the wall reminded me of Jim’s Steaks, the best place to eat in Philadelphia (it’s my blog and my opinion). Another afternoon, he stretched out a run he had to make to the post office in order to show me around Sham Shui Po, a district where you can find almost anything from cheap electronics to a chamois (the thing I actually needed). It’s good to catch up – some of the youth he coaches, after a long day at the office selling insurance, could soon be ready for international competition. I have some pretty interesting friends.

A week is a bit long to stay, but I did find things to do. I had to start slow since I needed to recover from a cough given to me by someone in my Malaysian hostel who wondered out loud, ‘maybe I do have Dengue…’ Once I felt better (and not like I had Dengue fever – did she even know what that was?), I enjoyed the Hong Kong Museum of History with its colorful parade costumes. Taking one of the double-decker trams to watch horse racing in simulcast at Happy Valley, surrounded by skyscrapers, was an enjoyable, low-key way to spend an evening. If you enjoy beautiful scenery, I highly recommend visiting the Buddhist Nan Lian nunnery and its adjacent gardens – its a cozy nook in a city jam-packed with tall buildings and cars.

Oh wow, I’m only two weeks behind on my blog now!


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