Some ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Schmuck

Only 14 km to go!

Pink yelled this out as encouragement from the back of Khan’s scooter as we made our way back to Kuta. However, at that moment, my stomach decided to tighten and what had started as infrequent sobbing soon progressed into full-fledged crying. Why was I crying? Well, at the time, I was simply overwhelmed by the task of keeping up with my friends in the bustling roads.  It must have been a really funny sight (I’m laughing as I write this) to see me driving in the local fashion (as in, speeding, riding on the sidewalk, and passing on the wrong side of the road centimeters from side-swiping huge buses) with tears streaming down my face and the occasional high-pitched scream as I had what seemed (to me at least) a close call. To my credit, I didn’t get lost and I made it back without a scratch.

Our destination that day was Ubud and, to Elizabeth Gilbert’s credit, it was pretty cool. From eating crispy duck to hanging out with monkeys to seeing the rice terraces, it was a really fun day. Tiny roads connect the little towns scattered through the rice fields and you can really appreciate them on a scooter. I’m happy Khan and Pink showed me the quiet, peaceful side of Bali that was completely absent in Kuta.

It was a relief when Pink rented a Daihatsu Xenia for the next day’s adventures. That day (Sunday, May 19th) included snorkeling in Blue Lagoon Beach, where the coral begins just meters from the shore, a seafood lunch on the water in Jimbaran, and sunset at Uluwatu Temple. Just be careful though – there are no trainers at Uluwatu Temple to keep the mischievous wild monkeys from stealing your hat or breaking your glasses.



2 thoughts on “Some ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Schmuck

  1. Ubud is probably the favorite place that we have traveled to (several times). Even though we rewally like the ocean, there is something very (?) spiritual about that place. Very calming.

    But it did make our heart beat very fast to hear you recount motorbiking in Bali. Even as a passenger, I always close my eyes, as the traffic there seems so chaotic and really dangerous! Thank goodness you survived.

    Have been enjoying your posts.

    Aunt Marie (& Uncle Tom)


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