Tokyo’s Big Ticket Items 

I assumed that, as I traveled, I would receive so many tips on things to see that I wouldn’t need to do any of my own research. Thus, when I realized I had just one personal must-see (to be revealed in another post…), I hurriedly searched for the ‘Tokyo itineraries’ and enjoyed a variety of experiences. I saw the bright lights of Shinjuku (and made the last train home). I saw Senso-ji and the other big shrines in Asakusa and the Meiji Shrine near Harajuku. Tsukiji’s (barely) controlled 5:30 AM chaos bedazzled me to the point that I walked onto a forbidden area and had to be escorted out by a firm (by Japanese standards) guard. I even made it through the sophisticated crowds of Shibuya and Harajuku without my fashion sense getting mocked. Tokyo is certainly a unique place.

Visiting the Tokyo National Museum by Ueno Park was definitely my favorite place on the well-beaten path. This enormous institution houses everything from Samurai armor to modern art. The Toyota Mega Web showroom in Odaiba was also fun to visit since all the open cars and displays were just like those in a car show.


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