Friends in Ota

My Friday evening plans involved meeting up with Chas and his friend, Andrew, to eat McDonald’s and to play games at Sega World. I decided to test my newfound Japanese counting skills by ordering myself a Hokkaido melon milkshake. It was a tasty surprise when I mixed up the numbers and accidentally ordered two.
On Saturday, Chas’s girlfriend, Midsuki, picked us up to take us to a cherry blossom festival in Saitama. They were stunning, especially when places viewed from across a field of yellow flowers.

That evening, Chas, Midsuki, Midsuki’s friend Miho, and I all went out to dinner at at a shabu-shabu, a type of restaurant named for the boiling oil on each table used to cook the food. I was intrigued by the machine that would pour a perfect Asahi beer every time (first by tilting the glass and then by adding an exact amount of foam to the top). I was nervous going to dinner without being able speak but I gave my best Japanese introduction to Miho (Komban Wa. Hajimaemash’te. Onegaeshimasu). We all really enjoyed spending time with each other. As always, everyone I’ve met so far has been incredibly friendly and generous.


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