Fastnacht Day

Yesterday I drove up to York, PA for the annual Husson fastnacht-making day. Normally, this would happen around Fat Tuesday. However,  it was delayed a few weeks so that my Aunt from Hawaii could make it.

What’s a fastnacht? It is a potato-dough doughnut that has been lovingly produced for generations. A “true” fastnacht has a square shape with a hole in the middle. However, the shapes and toppings have grown with time. After a great deal of rolling, cutting,  frying, and sugar-coating, we wound up producing 453 of the delicacies.

While the fastnachts are a draw by themselves, the family aspect of the process is what keeps the tradition alive. Family from all over the mid-Atlantic came to the event and everyone participated in some part of the production and cleanup. We also celebrated meeting our fundraising goal last year for an Alzheimer’s Association event by dyeing several cousins’ hair purple, the color used to identify the cause. It was fun to see even the most timid of family members smile and show off their new highlights.


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